Here is the CH-47B Chinook helicopter with an externally slung Medium Maintenance Shelter (MMS) load simulation replay in X3D. Prior to conversion, a few modifications were necessary for support within the X3DOM. These included:

  • No support for PROTO's, which meant all objects within the VRML/X3D model had to be included explicitly.

  • Animated Viewpoints via ROUTE'ing Position & Orientation Interpolators (keyframes) does not seem to work, so the position of the helicopter had to be fixed and the positions of all other Shapes, such as the walls, floor and load(s) moved relative to it.

The VRML model was then automatically converted to X3D with the online tool. The X3D model can be accessed directly here.

Lastly, in order to embed the X3D model in WordPress, the Viewpoint node had to be removed from the Scene in the HTML5 X3D tag. Don't ask me why. This is the case for even the simplest models. Also, an overriding Background node was appended to the Scene, since the one in the X3D model seems to have been ignored.

<script type='text/javascript'

<x3d xmlns=''
    showStat='false' showLog='false' width='600' height='338'>
    <transform  rotation='0 1 0 -0.707' translation='0 0 -100'>
      <inline DEF='ch47bmmssim' url='/files/x3d/ch47bmmssim.x3d' />
      <background skyColor='0.40 0.65 0.97' />

Note that the rendered model still does not respond to the TouchSensor within the X3D structure, which is why it runs perpetually. This has yet to be resolved.